Tom Hiddleston’s First Interview About Taylor Swift Is So Awkward

Photo: starzfly/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images.
Tom Hiddleston just gave his first interview about Taylor Swift — and boy, was it awkward. To be fair, it wasn't exactly Hiddleston's fault, since it wasn't some sit-down interview where he was asked about his rumored girlfriend. This was a man-on-the-street situation. As Cosmopolitan pointed out, Hiddleston was in the middle of a jog in Australia, where he's filming Thor: Ragnarok, when a reporter stopped to ask him about Swift, who has been spotted with him Down Under. "How is Taylor enjoying the beautiful Gold Coast?" the female reporter asked, getting an uncomfortable chuckle from Hiddleston, who then continues to stammer the response: "I'm not going to answer that, if it's alright." Then, he ran away. Literally. Before Hiddleston jogged off, however, he also gave some other answers about Swift that were just as riveting, such as, "I don't know," when he was asked about what he and Swift were looking forward to doing while in Australia.
Hiddleston would return from his run to greet crying fans looking to catch a glimpse of Swift. Though he said nothing of his travel companion, he sweetly told the mostly female crowd that he was "very sweaty" from his run. While Hiddleston's responses were not quite what Hiddleswift fans were looking for, it does tell us one of two things about the actor. One, he's a gentleman who will never kiss and tell. And two, he must be very unaware of the world's fascination with his love life if he wasn't expecting to be asked about his relationship with Swift from every reporter he runs into from now on.

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