Here’s Why You Feel Like Peeing During Sex

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
The need to pee can be all-consuming — once you feel it, you can't ignore it, even during sex. But does that feeling always mean you actually have to go? Not necessarily, says Shape's resident sexpert, Dr. Logan Levkoff. In fact, it has more to do with your anatomy than how much you've had to drink. Related: Is A "Broken Penis" A Legitimate Thing?
Dr. Levkoff explains that penetrative sex can very easily put pressure on your bladder, given its position behind the vagina. Naturally, this pressure will make you feel like you need to pee. She adds that positions with rear entry can intensify that sensation. So, how do you deal? "Just go to the bathroom beforehand," Dr. Levkoff says. Easy enough. Related: What's The Deal With Peeing After Sex?
Besides pressure on the bladder, G-spot stimulation could also be to blame. "When the G-spot is stimulated," Dr. Levkoff says, "fluid pools around it." This might make you want to pee, or even ejaculate. Whatever the reason, Dr. Levkoff says it's totally normal to feel like you need to pee during sex. If you've really got to go, take a break and take care of business. And while we're on the subject, try to pee after sex, too — it's a smart way to reduce your risk for urinary tract infections. Click through to Shape for more info on sexual health from Dr. Levkoff. (Shape) Related: The Honest Truth About The Mythical G-Spot

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