This Music Video Lets You Change The Actors In Real Time

2016 is the year of free love. Certainly, it’s the year in which gender and sexual fluidity seems less and less like a novelty and more like a basic fact of human existence. And French electronic duo Cassius are making that development explicit Their interactive video for Ibifornia lead single “The Missing,” featuring Ryan Tedder, allows viewers to change the actors as the video is happening. The video was shot with 20 different actors with very different looks, so there are over a hundred combinations to try. If you want to see a gay couple, a straight couple, or just a couple of people that are changing their gender and appearance at random, you’re free to make that happen. Directors We Are From LA have made a weird neon-tinged masterpiece of a music video. The experience of seeing people swapping partners in and out is strange and kind of thrilling. "It's 2016 and there are so many crazy things happening in the world today," Cassius wrote in a statement. "Listening to 'The Missing' and watching the video makes us think about one thing that Pharoah Sanders understood and translated in a song better than anyone: 'Love is Everywhere,' 'Love Is In Us All.' We have to believe in this... For real." You can watch a sample below, but the full video is available here.

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