Ramsay Bolton Is Actually The Ed Sheeran Of Game Of Thrones

If you had to pick the Game of Thrones cast member most likely to have a secret identity as a doe-eyed singer-songwriter, you would likely choose Kit Harington. The man's face looks like it's about to break out in tears basically at the drop of a hat. Or, you know, the drop of his lover from a Night's Watch arrow. But you'd be wrong. Iwan Rheon, better known as Ramsay Bolton, is the Ed Sheeran of Westeros. Or would be, if his character hadn't been devoured by vicious dogs. Of course that was his fault, so who can really weep for him. Just check out some of these performances. Granted they're a bit old, but this is some serious sensitivity on the six-string.
He's doing the guitar face and everything. So sensitive. This would definitely be the annoying guy at the party who you grudgingly have to admit isn't terrible until someone asks him to play "Wonderwall." Then this. But Rheon is good. Here's another song.
Or how about an official music video?
We have to admit, the first face he makes is totally a Ramsay Bolton murder face, so that's not amazing. But he's a nice guy, we even talked to him.

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