Marla Maples’ Engagement Ring From Donald Trump Is Worth HOW Much?

Photo: The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images.
Some people say it’s bad luck to wear an engagement ring from a failed marriage, but this one may have been too gorgeous to pass up. The diamond engagement ring Donald Trump gave to his second wife, Marla Maples, in 1991 just sold for $300,000, according to Town & Country. It's not the first time the 7.45-carat Harry Winston diamond ring has been sold. When Trump divorced Maples in 1999, she sold the ring for $110,000. At the time, Trump told the New York Post that he found her choice to sell it “pretty tacky.” But Maples gave all the money to charity, which doesn't seem particularly tacky to us. The newest owner of the Harry Winston, who has not been named, made the purchase at an auction handled by Joseph DuMouchelle this past Wednesday. DuMouchelle told Town & Country that celebrity ownership and a good story often drives up the prices of auction items. “In this case, the ring not only represents the marriage of Trump and Maples, it is also a moment in '90s pop culture and New York history. The Trump-Maples wedding at the Plaza in 1993 was a big moment for New York society," he said. When you combine the ring's sordid past with the current interest surrounding Donald Trump, who is the presumptive republican nominee for president, the high price tag of the ring seems less than surprising. Despite that, DuMouchelle insists the selling price was completely based on the size and quality of the diamond — not on its history. Okay...

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