Justin Bieber Wiped Out On Stage Again

Sometimes the music just carries you away. And sometimes that results in a face-plant.

Justin Bieber, who must have more bruises than a week-old banana, fell once again during a concert. In mid-June he was performing in his native Canada when he took a nasty tumble off stage. On Wednesday, the gravity gods once again worked against him, resulting in a slip on stage in Jacksonville, Florida as "Sorry" played.

The stage appears to have been watered down, with Bieber and his dancers splashing around. One fateful kick later, and the pop star went down, prompting his dancers to scurry into action.

Naturally, it was all caught on video.


The Biebs managed to shake off his fall and turn it into a deep and meaningful metaphor for life.

"Life's about taking falls and life's about getting back up," he announced to the screaming crowd of Beliebers.

Can we get that on a kitten poster?

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