Chrissy Teigen Started The Best Twitter War Of All Time

On the evening of Tuesday, June 28, Chrissy Teigen started her very own Blender War. She skillfully pitted blender brands Vitamix, NutriBullet, and Blendtec against each other in the battle for best product. And yes, it was just as hilarious (and glorious) as you would imagine it to be.

Teigen is very active on Twitter, especially when there's food involved. So we were not at all surprised when she responded to fan @DefNotAmina's tweet, "Went on amazon for a blender and ended up buying @chrissyteigen's cookbook." Teigen cooly tweeted back (unintentionally beginning the blender saga), "Ima send u a blender dm me your address." Very shortly after this heartwarming response, things heated up (in the best possible way). Vitamix jumped in on the Twitter thread, followed shortly after by NutriBullet and Blendtec.

The three brands and Teigen shot tweets back and forth for several hours. The tweets ran the gamut from who had the most blending passion, to babies, blades, and even Queen Bey — all serious topics to consider in your quest for the perfect blender. Check out the Twitter battle below, and decide for yourself which brand comes out on top.

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