Gilmore Girls Is Going Global

You've probably already seen every single episode of Gilmore Girls a half-dozen times. That doesn't mean you can't get fired up about the show's latest announcement, though. Lauren Graham greeted us this morning with a video revealing that Netflix will begin streaming every season of the beloved WB show internationally. Japan, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, France, and U.K. are just a handful of the countries who will soon be getting their Stars Hollow fix. That line about going "to the ends of the earth" wasn't just some empty Carole King promise.
This all starts on July 1, which prompts a few questions. How much longer will we have to wait for the Netflix reboot to grace us with its presence? Just how long will it take for everyone to binge-watch every episode before settling down to some new episodes? We mean, we're happy for Japan and all, but what about us?

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