Starbucks Wins Summer With Cold Brew In A Bottle

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
Get ready for the ultimate, game-changing product launch of summer 2016 — bottled cold brew from Starbucks. Mic drop. With increasingly hot mornings looming ahead of us, what more could we want than our own personal stock of iced coffee? Roll out of bed, pop open your fridge, grab a cold bottle, and go forth refreshed into the sweaty summer heat. One of the best things about these bottled brews is that they come unsweetened, leaving customization options for the consumer. Do you prefer your morning joe with two packets of sugar and a splash of skim? Go right ahead and add it in. Like your brew black? No problem there. This hot (or should we say cold) new product will be available for purchase in convenience stores, groceries, and select Starbucks locations beginning around July 1, 2016. Maybe the heat won't seem so bad after all?

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