Your Lesbian Sex Dream, Explained

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
When it comes to dream interpretations, things can get really murky, really fast. And of course, adding sex to the mix only complicates things further. Sex dreams have been found to account for about 8% of our everyday dreams, and there's no way to know who your partner (or partners) in these dreams will be. If you're a woman who identifies as heterosexual, it can be especially confusing to dream about having sex with another woman. Shape's sex expert Dr. Logan Levkoff is chiming in on the matter. Related: 4 Non-Sexual Things That Can Make You Orgasm
"Fantasies are just that — fantasies," Dr. Levkoff says. "They give us the opportunity to try out roles, personalities, and experiences that we may not ever want to try in real life." This explanation applies to more than just sex dreams — don't forget all those pregnancy dreams, flying dreams, switched-lives-with-Kate-Middleton dreams (is that last one just us?). Dreaming something doesn't make it true, and it definitely doesn't mean you need to reconsider your sexual identity if you're already secure in it. Related: 5 Sexual Fantasies — Explained
That said, Dr. Levkoff adds that you shouldn't push down any genuine feelings that a dream may drum up for you. If you have identified as heterosexual but think you might want to explore dating or sleeping with women, you should. At the end of the day (er, night?), there's so much we don't know about dreams in general, so it's really your call what to make of your own.
Click through to Shape for more from Dr. Levkoff. (Shape) Related: What Your Dreams Reveal About Your Identity

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