No One Is Talking About The Real Hero Of The Battle Of The Bastards

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
When the dust settles and the non-evil bastard claims his victory in Game of Thrones' Battle of the Bastards, there are a lot of potential nominees for MVP. Wun Wun breaks down the gate so his fellow warriors can storm Winterfell. Sansa delivers the troops that save Jon Snow's hide and gives their side the upper hand. But the first thank you note Snow ought to pen is to Lady Lyanna. Why does the queen of "so done" face deserve so much credit? The shield Jon Snow uses to protect himself against Ramsay's arrows when they finally meet face to face is decorated with a bear, as Mashable points out, meaning it comes from House Mormont. Without Lady Lyanna's support in the form of Mormont troops, the lifesaving barrier that stops arrows from impaling the recently resurrected Jon Snow wouldn't have been lying at the ready. So, basically, Lady Lyanna is even more awesome than you originally thought. Somebody find her a thank you dire wolf, or some equally appropriate gesture of gratitude.

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