Here's Everything Coming To Netflix In July

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.
Flip on the AC and pour yourself a glass of rosé, because Netlix's list of July arrivals is in.

This month, can we finally make "fetch" happen? Mean Girls will now be available to stream, adding a little Plastics charm to your life. Get ready for plenty of throwback franchises to light up your queue. Between all the Back to the Futures and Beverly Hill Cops, all four Lethal Weapon movies are also on the way. Recent critical darlings like The Big Short and The Invitation are also coming later in the month.

For the TV-minded, Netflix is rolling out a bevy of original programming and bringing back former favorites for second seasons. BoJack Horseman fans, mark your calendars for July 22, when the show's third season debuts.

Check out the full list of July titles, below.

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