“Cheerio Challenge” Proves Dads Will Do Anything To Win The Internet

7 Cheerios #cheeriochallenge

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With Father's Day right around the corner, dads are going to war to see which one of their babies' faces is superior...for stacking. The Cheerio Challenge has dads all over the internet stacking cheerios on their sleeping babies heads and noses, to utterly adorable photo results. Life of Dad, an online community that "celebrates the adventures of fatherhood," began the challenge. It riles up fathers' competitive spirits and gives us all adorable photos of babies to fawn over.

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"The idea to create the challenge came after I had managed to stack five and thought anything more would be impossible," Patrick Quinn, cofounder of Life of Dad, told Mashable. "I was sitting with my newborn and there were Cheerios left on the couch by my older son and stacking them on the baby's face. It just seemed like the natural thing to do." There's no limit on how many Cheerios a dad can place on their child's face, but five is the goal. Prepare for cuteness overload.

The #cheeriochallenge is harder than I thought.. I got 9 can you beat that Rashad Burton

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Attempt number 1: a stack of 5 Cheerios on #Chubbernaut's head. #cheeriochallenge

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The Cheerio (Fruit Loop) challenge with my baby. #cheeriochallenge #harderthanitlooks

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This genius dad won it all.

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