You Need To See This Impressive Harry Potter Tattoo

Every time we think the Harry Potter fandom might be out of fresh takes on their love for the boy who lived, they come up with another clever idea. The latest viral HP fan tribute is a magical tattoo.
In a photo of the tattoo shared on Imgur, footprints, like those that appear across the Marauder's Map as someone walks through Hogwarts, appear in plain black ink. But when placed under a blacklight, the map's magic words, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good," appear underneath.
Before you rush out to get your own, there is a caveat. The ultraviolet ink used to create the cool effect could be dangerous. It might be best to admire this tattoo and create a safer tribute to the wizarding world of HP. Maybe invest in some temporary tatts? They could last just long enough to seem festive for your Cursed Child opening night party next month.

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