This Woman Caught The Sweetest “Trespasser” With Her Security Camera

Things you expect to capture with your home security camera: squirrels squirreling away in the yard; the UPS guy throwing your Amazon Prime delivery onto your balcony; cars driving by on the street. What you don't expect to capture: your neighbor's son sneaking in and out of your garage to…hug your dog? That's exactly what a woman surprisingly found when she checked out the footage from her garage security camera. Every once in a while, the young neighbor would ride his bike, and upon spotting the dog, set his bike down, run into the garage to give the dog a big hug, and then rush back out and hop back onto his bike. The video showing the culprit in action (below) is incredibly sweet.
Naturally, the woman posted the video to Facebook to see if any of her friends and neighbors knew the boy in the video ("I'd like to tell him he's welcome to stay and play, she loves the attention!" she writes in her post). The boy was quickly identified, and the news was shared with his mother, who greeted it with a mix of embarrassment and joy. It all has a happy ending, though: The boy's mom told him to watch the video, and though he initially turned "ten shades of red," he's now able to visit the pup in the video, Duchess, whenever he likes. Boy's happy. Woman's happy. Dog's happy. Everybody's happy.
Photo: Courtesy Ginger Clement Breaux/Facebook.

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