What If Daenerys Targaryen Were A Kardashian?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Imagine it: Khaleesi Kardashian.

The dragon queen of Game of Thrones and the Kardashian family merge in this Keeping Up With The Kardashians spoof. Created by Refinery29's Vanessa Golembewski and Michael Brown, "Keeping Up With The Targaryens" recasts the GoT lead as a reality-TV star.

Now, the battle for the Iron Throne is fought in tweets. Daenerys is furious when her entourage tells her that Jon Snow posted about being the crown's rightful heir and a favorite fan theory about the pair's parentage makes an appearance, too. "I just feel really attacked right now!" Daenerys says as she makes a Kardashian cry face ready for prime time.

Daenerys' GoT entourage is also featured in the short, with hilarious reality-TV descriptions. Tyrion Lannister is "here for a good time" and Lord Varys sits in the corner plotting as the "momager." Daario Naharis? Simply "shirtless."

See the full parody, below:

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