This Robot Will Fold Your Laundry — For A Cool $850

Photo: Courtesy Foldimate.
Sometimes, folding laundry feels like an even more arduous task than lugging your clothes to the Laundromat in the first place. But this gadget could seriously up your laundry-folding game. The FoldiMate, a.k.a. "Your Laundry Folding Friend," promises to fold your clothes perfectly and efficiently. The boxy robot includes sensors that can recognize whether the item in need of folding is a shirt or a pair of pants. Then, its robotic arms fold the garment in less than a minute. As if achieving those perfect creases wasn't enough of a draw, the FoldiMate also features a steam cleaner to remove any wrinkles during the folding process. All of that laundry-folding greatness comes at a steep price, though. The FoldiMate will retail between $700 and $850, according to the product's website. And it won't be available until 2018 (with pre-orders starting in 2017), so it's still a ways off. If laundry folding is the bane of your existence, at least there's still time to start saving up. Check out an animation of the FoldiMate in action, below.

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