MySpace Was Hacked & Now You Have To Change All Your Passwords For Everything Else

MySpace still exists and it’s now owned by Time, Inc. We’re only reporting that news because the site has been hacked and your passwords could be compromised, according to a recent post on its official blog. TechCrunch writes that this could be the largest hack of all time. Though MySpace itself didn’t comment on the number of accounts that had been hacked, it said that only those made before 2013 were affected. So that’s, hold on let us do some calculations…yeah that’s every single MySpace account. Hacker site Leaked Source says the hack itself took place June 11, 2013 and that it includes over 360,000,000 accounts. The passwords were pretty creative, ranging from the most popular “password1” to the more topical “blink182,” “50cent,” and “myspace1.” Good passwords, everyone. Tumblr also announced its own hack a few days ago, though that hack seems much smaller in scale and scope. So what does this mean? First, whoever breached the site has had access to all your selfies from your emo days. And might have changed your background image to something mildly less embarrassing, like literally anything. Second, we now have to change our passwords for other sites to something else if they’re similar to those used on MySpace. Annoying. That only applies if you’ve been using the same password for everything since about 2007. So, that might be a lot of us. As long as they don’t touch these celebrity MySpaces, we’ll be ok.

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