Can A Menstrual Cup Make Working Out On Your Period Easier?

It's been a tried-and-true excuse since P.E. class: "I can't work out — I have my period." It's one thing if you used it to dodge the mile-run, but if you used it when you really felt crummy, there might be a simple solution for you. A new survey suggests women don't like working out when a tampon is involved. Related: Exercise & Your Menstrual Cycle: What Your Period Means For Your Workout Schedule

Feminine hygiene product company Intimina surveyed over 1,500 women between 20 and 34 in honor of Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Day last month. 42% of respondents said using a menstrual cup (as opposed to a tampon) would make them more likely to work out during their period. Intimina (which, for the record, sells menstrual cups) also found that menstrual cups made 78% of women feel more comfortable and 84% feel more confident. When you're running the risk of leaking onto your yoga mat, confidence certainly is key. Related: Should You Trade Your Tampons For Menstrual Cups?

You're probably well aware of the other benefits that menstrual cups offer — they're reusable, they save you money, and they produce less waste. If you've been on the fence and don't feel comfortable working out while using a tampon, this might be the final nudge you need to try out a cup. But, if you're totally fine with hitting the gym with your trusty sport tampon, more power to you.
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