16 Tweets That Will Change The Way You Think About Depression

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States, yet it's still something we don't like to talk about. Enter the viral #MyDepressionLooksLike hashtag, which thousands of users have been using to share stories about their own struggles. Though the hashtag first appeared on Twitter months ago, it gained traction again over the past week when several users encouraged their followers to tweet the hashtag and share their own stories about what mental illness can really be like.
The tweets convey that not only do symptoms of depression manifest in different ways for different people, but that depression can also look like "nothing" at all to anyone on the outside looking in. They reiterate the point that just because someone is smiling or "seems happy," it doesn't mean that person isn't struggling. Although it's clear that depression affects a great number of people, it can still feel isolating, especially given the shame that can often surround discussing mental health.
#MyDepressionLooksLike is a way to begin opening the conversation to break stereotypes around what depression can look like, and it's a great reminder that if you're struggling, you aren't alone. Check out some of the powerful tweets from #MyDepressionLooksLike, below.

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