So Here's What Katy Perry Was Busy Doing Yesterday

Who doesn't love long weekends? It gives you an extra day of laughs, leisure, and, for Katy Perry, Twitter hackers. But while mysterious trolls were causing havoc on Perry's Twitter account, the singer was too busy having fun to notice or care.

As documented on celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin's Snapchat story, Perry participated in what I am tempted to deem "The Best MDW Party of 2016."

Looking pictures of the event from Atkin's story, it's easy to understand why Perry was too preoccupied celebrating our country to notice her Twitter page popping off.

Here are all the fun things Perry was busy doing on a sunny Monday afternoon.

First of all, she was dressed to the nines for the occasion. Perhaps she wondered, Do these gingham separates make me look v patriotic? The answer would be a resounding "Yaaass."
Photo Courtesy Snapchat via @jenatkinhair.
Secondly, there was life-size Operation. Is this not part of every child's greatest board game fantasy?
Photo Courtesy Snapchat via @jenatkinhair.

Oh, and it gets better. Mega-size Connect Four was also on hand.
Photo Courtesy Snapchat via @jenatkinhair.

Last but not least, there was the epic beer pong situation. (Note: Atkin's caption says beer bong, but from one beer-drinker to another, I believe she meant to write "pong.")

This setup for playing giant-sized beer pong has now been added to my boozy bucket list.
Photo Courtesy Snapchat via @jenatkinhair.

So, lessons learned: Change your Twitter password every once in a while, and start your prep for a larger than life Labor Day party now.

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