This Hoodie Is The Answer To Every Gym-Goer's Prayers

Photo: Courtesy of Xavier Athletica.
Too hot? Too cold? What's good, Goldilocks?

Fitness buffs who struggle with temperature irregularities after a workout may have found their saving grace. As Mashable reports, Xavier Athletica has designed a "cool-down" hoodie that will regulate the wearer's body temperature. Made of loop-back cotton with Tencel and silk, the garment has "thermal properties" that adjust to the wearer's needs.

When it's 6 a.m. and you're running through a rain shower, the hoodie will crank up the heat and keep you warm. When you've just sweat every ounce of liquid from your body during Bikram yoga, the same hoodie will cool you off. Isn't science fantastic?

"Our signature hoodie has unique thermal properties that keep you cool in hot temperatures and warm enough in cold temperatures through tiny pockets of air, whilst preventing skin irritation after your work out," creator Nikki Lynds-Xavier told Mashable.

"It's a fabric that breathes, as nature intended," she added. "No hi-tech wizardry required, it just lets your skin get on with its temperature-control thing without stress or strain."

Of course, there's a catch: It's a hoodie designed for men, so you'll have to figure out the sizing. And it's $190, which isn't exactly a bargain. Totally going on the wish list, though.

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