A Theory: Daniel Radcliffe & Elijah Wood Are Secretly Twins

Turns out: Frodo Baggins and Harry Potter are cut from the same cloth. At least when it comes to facial features. A video of Daniel Radcliffe morphing into Elijah Wood has surfaced on Twitter. Over the course of a few seconds, with just a couple of minor facial structure tweaks, one actor becomes the other. Check it out for yourself.
Crazy, right? Maybe if — against all odds — J.K. Rowling delivers on a Harry Potter: The Later Years follow up there could be some crazy long lost twin plot worked in. Then, when the movie version eventually follows, Wood could step in as Radcliffe's long-lost brother. We would also be satisfied with a long-lost cousin situation, or even something outside of the Potter realm. But someone needs to get these two together onscreen, stat.

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