This May Be Justin Bieber’s Biggest Fan & She’s Just A Baby

Photo Credit: Steve Granitz.
Justin Bieber may be in the process of a low-key realization about how fake the music industry is — and currently boycotting his fans — but if he ever finds the time to watch the video below, it might just help remind him why he got into the biz in the first place. But none of that matters to 6-month-old Layla Potter. All she cares about is the sweet sound of Bieber's voice. Little Layla, not even old enough to talk, finds solace in Bieber's acoustic song "Love Yourself," one of the many tracks from his album Purpose rumored to be written about ex Selena Gomez. The girl's mother, Brittnay Potter of Missouri, posted a video of her daughter on Facebook, sharing how important Bieber's song is in their lives. It's the only thing that will make Layla stop crying during a tantrum. Brittnay writes, "Anyone who knows Layla, knows she has Bieber Fever! This song will quiet ANY tantrum she is having. Works like a charm every time! Thank you Bieber!!!!! ‪#‎justinbieber‬ ‪#‎bieberfever.‬" The song has been Layla's favorite since she first heard it on the radio when she was just 1 month old, Brittnay told the Daily Mail. "Anytime she starts getting fussy I play 'Love Yourself' and she instantly calms down," she said. "She has done this since she was a month old." Five months and counting, and Brittnay herself still isn't sick of the song. "Basically, his song is on repeat, which I'm okay with as long as it continues to work," she said. In other words, Bieber should come out with a lullaby album next.

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