Alanis Morissette Is A Big Fan Of Justin Bieber’s Spiritual Awakening

Alanis Morissette is championing her fellow Canadian Justin Bieber's recent spiritual awakening. And no, this isn't ironic at all. Morissette tweeted her support for Bieber, writing, "Love beholding your awakening." After punctuating her excitement with a heart and a thumbs up emoji, Morissette added, "Excited for you."
Morissette's tweet was in response to Bieber's recent Instagram post after winning big at the Billboard Music Awards, which had him explaining his distaste for awards shows and how they make him feel. "No disrespect to anybody at any of the shows or the people running it. Nothing but love for you guys and your support," Bieber wrote. "But I don't feel good when I'm there nor after. I try to think of it as a celebration but can't help feeling like people are rating and grading my performance." Bieber went on to say that if "I'm living my purpose I want the reward to be fulfillment. I'm getting awarded for the things that I'm doing and not for who I am which is understandable I know it would probably be hard to calculate and award someone's spirit lol." Morissette, who had her own spiritual awakening in India after her 1995 hit album, Jagged Little Pill, seems to be excited that Bieber is not letting himself be corrupted by the business and speaking some truth. Perhaps, Bieber has a cover of Morissette's "Thank U" in his near future. In the meantime, Bieber seems to be awarding his spirit with a road trip that has him making a fire and appreciating the little things in life away from the spotlight. As he let fans know on Instagram with a words-only post, "Had one of the best nights of my life last night." Clearly, he wasn't at an award show.

Road trip with @martingarrix and @rorykramer

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Nights like these beat nights like those

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