This Couple Is Wearing Vagina Costumes For A Good Cause

Photo courtesy Shane LaVancher
If you live in Brooklyn, it's possible you've come across or will soon come across a guy and a girl walking around in vagina costumes. But don't be alarmed — it's for a good cause.

According to the website for this couple's company, Conceived in Brooklyn, they're selling these suits to raise money for women's health.

50 Cents. Period
, the organization they're fundraising for, started off to provide 50-cent sanitary napkin packages for women in India. They also offer sex education, mental health care, and other services to women who can't otherwise access them. "Women and girls in impoverished communities stay home from school and work when they get their period because of lack of access to feminine hygiene products, stigma, or both," the Conceived in Brooklyn team explained. "That's crazy! We felt compelled to do something."

Conceived in Brooklyn's Instagram
shows the giant vaginas skateboarding, getting hot dogs from a stand, and doing other things vaginas apparently do.


Just a typical New York moment! #conceivedinbrooklyn #conceptioncostume #costumeforacause #brooklyn #madeinbrooklyn #newyorkcity

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#cruisin #conceivedinbrooklyn #costumeforacause #conceptioncostume #madeinbrooklyn #brooklyn #newyorkcity

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The "conception costumes" are, as the company's name would suggest, made in Brooklyn. The website suggests ordering some this summer so they'll arrive in time for Burning Man or Halloween. After all, what better way to raise awareness for women's rights than to show up at a house party looking like a vulva?

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