The Most Stunning Pictures Of Burning Man You’ll Ever See

With August coming to a close, thousands are preparing to make the annual trek to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert for Burning Man. Not even a 300-mile wall can stand in their way. And, while the thought of a week-long desert party may conjure up visuals of a fiery, dust-filled (and perhaps bug-filled?) rave, photographer and longtime attendee NK Guy truly captures the raw, understated beauty of the popular cultural gathering.

Guy has been making the journey out to the Nevada desert for nearly 20 years to document what unfolds — from the striking art to close-knit community. Now fans can take home a little piece of the action in his new book Art of Burning Man. The new release features 65,000 breathtaking photos of Burning Man in all its glory over the years.
With only a couple days until the festivities officially kick off, we've rounded up 10 images that are guaranteed to take you on a visual vacation to Black Rock City. Seriously, you've never seen Burning Man like this before.