Is This Kate Middleton's Nickname For William?

Photo: REX/Shutterstock.
Royals! They're just like us. Okay, maybe not so much, but every once in while we get a tiny peek behind the royal curtain and see (or hear) something that sounds familiar.

That might be what has happened with this news from the annual Chelsea Flower Show. An Australian TV host and landscaper named Charlie Albone claims to have some inside info on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's relationship.

The Daily Mail reports that Albone went on The Today Show in Australia to talk about meeting the Duke and Duchess at the flower show. He recounted their brief meeting that happened when the Royal couple stopped to admire Albone's display. William asked about some of the shrubs in Albone's display, which Albone identified as Buxus.

Here's the good part. Albone says that the Duchess then said, "Babe, we've got those. We've got tons of those."

Babe! She called him "babe" — at least, according to Albone's story.

We may never know whether "babe" is indeed Kate's nickname for Will. But it's nice to think so, right? Royals! Their nicknames are just like ours.

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