Why People Are Talking About Kris Jenner’s Sketchy Business School

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Kris Jenner is in the news again, and this time it's not about her own legacy or her kids. It's about her involvement in a dubious organization called Legacy Business School. Jenner recently announced that she would be the new face and chairwoman of the Legacy Business School, located in Trump Tower in Manhattan. The Kardashian and Trump monikers together are polarizing enough, but as The Daily Beast reports in its three-part series, the school's origin is unclear, as are its credentials. Granted, Jenner has experience with leaving legacies. Her family names, both Jenner and Kardashian, are sure to leave a lasting imprint on American culture. And she's no doubt a businesswoman. But what exactly is up with this random school she's now the face of?
Does Jenner's endorsement of the school mean she is ignorant about the poor reviews its curriculum has received, or that she is just seeing dollar signs and simply doesn't care? Here's everything we know about the school, Jenner's involvement, and the shadiness surrounding it all. The description of the curriculum is incredibly vague.
Make of it what you will: "Legacy welcomes students to discover a new kind of educational experience that is infused with popular culture and passion, in addition to the vital curriculum. Legacy’s new approach to education reflects the growing needs of society’s elite class and adopts the new paradigm of knowledge and skills that are necessary to attain real success in today’s world. At Legacy all students are valued for their individuality with engaging programs that are fulfilling on an educational and emotional level." The first post on the school's Facebook page was shared on April 16, 2016. The Daily Beast reports that the school "scrubbed its social media pages" after the release of the site's first damning article. The tuition is insane.
One former student told The Daily Beast that her tuition was intially "a little over $90,000 a year" for an undergraduate degree from the school. She also told the site that the cost "didn’t include room, board, or any of the other expenses that comes with living in New York."
It appears to be directly connected, if not the same as, the European School of Economics.
As The Daily Beast reports, "Legacy Business School’s name may be new, but it’s being run by many of the same people who headed up ESE — and the European School of Economics has been on the radar of the New York State Education Department for quite a long time. According to documents provided by NYSED, between 2006 and 2008, the state sent three cease-and-desist letters to the European School of Economics, to attempt to stop them from advertising and offering college courses and degrees."
It's unregistered to be in New York.
The Daily Beast shared the first cease-and-desist document from the New York State Education Department, issued in 2006, telling the European School of Economics (ESE) to stop all advertising of courses offered in the state.
The ESE itself is sketch.
Its Wikipedia page is very vague and sparse for a school that's been around for a decade.
Jenner also helped create a church in 2014.
This endeavor isn't be the first time that Jenner has invested her time and face to a less than trustworthy organization. She also contributed to the creation of the California Community Church, where there was a required monthly donation of $1,000, The Guardian reports.
Jenner herself didn't go to college.
She graduated from Clairemont High School before briefly becoming a flight attendant and then marrying attorney Robert Kardashian.
Final verdict? I wouldn't start sending any applications Legacy's way any time soon. Jenner has not yet responded to reports about the legitimacy of the school or her involvement.

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