Watch Blake Shelton Try Sushi For The First Time

Blake Shelton, the successful country singer and television personality (we know him best by the weird finger gesture he always makes on The Voice), surely lives a high-end life, so it’s pretty hard to believe that the man has never before tasted sushi. Well last night, Jimmy Fallon broadened Shelton's horizons by taking him to Nobu and treating him to several different raw fish courses. The hilarious Tonight Show segment opens with Jimmy saying, “Blake, I can’t believe this is true, but you’ve never tried sushi before.” Blake stutters in his thick Oklahoma accent, “I mean, not the raw — like the raw stuff, no.” So the experiment commences. The two start with a bottle of Sake, and Jimmy explains to Blake that it is delicious rice wine. The country star looks completely distressed by the foreignness of the concept, while Jimmy pokes fun at Blake’s pronunciation of the word “rice.” The best parts of the clip are Blake’s taste and texture comparisons like when he says the Sake tastes like Easter egg coloring and the pickled ginger is like chewed bubble gum. His spot-on observation that tuna nigiri looks like a human tongue even makes us briefly second guess why anyone eats sushi. But then Blake admits to Jimmy, "man to man," that he does indeed think it tastes good. The segment ends with Jimmy presenting his guest with a Big Mac, saying he's earned it.
Blake's mesmerized look throughout the video is completely precious. He's using training chopsticks for goodness sake. The clip reminds us that Shelton, good ol' country boy that he is, hasn't been changed by fame.

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