Amy Schumer Takes Aim At Internet Trolls & The Paparazzi

Photo: Mark Seliger/Comedy Central.
Amy Schumer does not shy away from controversy. She also doesn't shy away from paparazzi or online bullies. Photographers captured an image of Schumer during a vacation in Hawaii. The innocuous shot is of Schumer walking out of the ocean, obviously after a swim. While some people might relish having a Halle Berry/James Bond moment captured at the beach, plenty don't — including Schumer. Even less so when the photos end up all over the internet, and the trolls come crawling out in the comments sections. But after being on the receiving end of needless online hate, the comedian and actress kept her cool in a response that's as chill as a day at the beach. "This is how I look. I feel happy," she wrote on an Instagram post. She even embraced a ludicrous comment that she looks like Miss Trunchbull, the notorious headmistress from Matilda. "I think I look strong and healthy and also like Miss Trunchbull from Matilda."
Schumer also shared her exasperation on Twitter. "Internet feedback! Paparazzi! What a morning!"
Leave it to Amy Schumer to change the conversation and totally own it.

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