Joe Jonas Loved Making Out With Ashley Graham In That Video

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The realm of celebrity hookups is kind of weird. Everyone is famous so one celeb might be thinking, for example, “Holy crap, I get to make out with Joe Jonas.” Joe Jonas, in this example, might be thinking, “Holy crap, I get to make out with Ashley Graham.” The example we used turns out to be more actual than theoretical. Joe Jonas said as much when he spoke to E! News about filming the video for DNCE’s “Toothbrush.” "We're doing cool stuff in bed. We had the beautiful Ashley Graham in the video. We just got to make out and roll around on each other all day," Jonas tells host Jason Kennedy on the red carpet at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. "It was a man's dream come true." Things could have gotten awkward, but Graham was the one to make sure everyone was comfortable. We imagine rolling around with a famously pure Jonas brother might be weird with a full crew around, so credit to her for making light of the situation. "She was cracking jokes right away and kind of broke the ice," Jonas tells E! "Those things are always kind of uncomfortable. You've got a full camera crew with you as you're lying in bed and trying to be intimate with someone so it's obviously awkward right away. But she was really fun with it and we kept each other laughing." As you might imagine, things quickly heated up. That’s what happens when two good-looking people make out in bed, we suppose. "The first ten minutes, we were comfortable," he tells E!. "The makeout scenes were really hot and long and I think they said cut a few times and we both were in our zone and we were like, ‘whatever.'"

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