Victoria Beckham Does A Classic High School Dance At Eva Longoria's Wedding

The culture of celebrity friends attending each other's weddings is an odd one. Sometimes, the larger star will skip the ceremony in order to avoid upstaging her less famous counterpart. Or for some other reason altogether. Jay Z refused an offer to be Kanye’s best man because he didn’t want his private life to be broadcast on a reality show, for example.

We’re lucky that Victoria Beckham didn’t take such considerations into account when she received an invitation to Eva Longoria’s wedding. Because that would have robbed us of an amazing video.

First, the nuptials. Beckham and fellow guest Mario Lopez posted images of Longoria during her wedding to Mexican media mogul Jose Baston in Valle de Bravo near Mexico City on Saturday evening.


Lopez wins the award for crowd shot and also for most excited to be there. His Instagram is basically a one-person wedding album. For what it’s worth, Hola has the official wedding photograph.

Happiest day of my life! ❤️ #CouldHeBeAnyMoreHandsome?

A photo posted by Eva Longoria Baston (@evalongoria) on

Longoria’s own pictures are sweet in their own right. This image of twin rings set on cards with her and her new husband’s names is elegant and adorable.

But we promised an amazing video. And we always deliver on our promises. Here's Victoria performing the electric slide with beauty expert Ken Paves.

Quite something. A fashion icon, backlit against an impossibly beautiful sunset in an impossibly elegant location, doing a dance we would be embarrassed about in junior high.

Weddings, it should be said, are really something else.

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