Quiz: How Well Do You Know Now! That’s What I Call Music?

Over the years, those Now! That's What I Call Music albums have quickly become musical time capsules. It's hard to read the track list of some of the early albums and not think of a junior high dance, or the CDs you brought in a giant binder on your first road trip. But, with the first Now! (in the American series) released in 1998, and fifty-eight Now! albums in that series to date, it might be hard to recall every song on even your favorite album. Yes, you're sure most of those early albums contained multiple boy band ballads, but which one had your favorite Backstreet Boys tune, and which had the biggest *NSYNC hit? So go ahead and test your knowledge of that CD your aunt gave you for your thirteenth birthday, or the CD you got your cousin for Christmas, and the CD you only called "the one with the lime green snowflakes." And whether you prove to be a trove of Now! knowledge or not, maybe it'll give you some ideas for your Throwback Thursday playlist. Because it's probably been too long since you enjoyed "Flagpole Sitta."

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