Demi Lovato Made A Powerful Statement With Her Billboard Performance Outfit

Photo: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images.
Demi Lovato's performance on Sunday night wasn't just a way to prove she's got the singing chops to rival Nick Jonas and Tove Lo (who went on stage right before). She also walked out on stage flaunting a chic black dress with a noticeably political sign: The gender neutral sign.
The symbol, which shows a half-skirted figure, is usually meant to designate gender neutral bathrooms, which skirts the issue of figuring out which bathroom to use as a transgender, or a non-binary person. The White House has gender neutral bathrooms, and more recently Yale announced that there will be 332 gender neutral bathrooms, CBS reports.
So what does Demi Lovato mean by stepping on stage with this logo on her shirt? Naturally, her support of transgender rights and the community's right to use the bathroom of their choice. Fans, of course, took note, and not just of her ability to belt out "Cool For The Summer."
In the past, Lovato has discussed her support of LGBTQ rights prior to Sunday night's performance. In April, after North Carolina's anti-LGBTQ HB2 law passed, she and Nick Jonas cancelled their Honda Civic Tour: Future Now shows in Raleigh and Charlotte. "One of our goals for the tour has always been to create an atmosphere where every single attendee feels equal, included, and accepted for who they are," Lovato and Jonas wrote in a public statement. "North Carolina's discriminatory HB2 law is extremely disappointing, and it takes away some of the LGBT community's most basic rights and protections."
Lovato and Jonas weren't the only ones to cancel their North Carolina shows; Maroon 5 also pulled out after the HB2 bill passed, ABC reports.

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