Here’s Why Jon Snow’s New Wardrobe Is Critical

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO
Jon Snow typically favors the black. That’s no shock since he’s been a member of the Night’s Watch from the early days of Game of Thrones. So when he rose from the dead, it wasn't that much of a shock that he might want a change of clothing. Eagle-eyed redditor NobleHalcyon noted the exact garment he donned, and it holds major future implications. “Throughout the entire series, Jon has worn very basic materials without much decoration (with some exceptions, as when he is training or going off to fight),” NobleHalcyon writes. “When one pictures Jon Snow without his cloak, it's generally in that very plain, smooth leather top.” Noted. Jon Snow has never exactly melted the ice with his daring sartorial choices. But a subtle shift could signal his future intentions. “This episode he wears the Stark armor that Ned wore and Robb briefly wore too,” NobleHalcyon writes. “This is significant, as he has never done so on screen. It's no coincidence that this happens right as his sister/cousin comes along and basically tells him that he can take back the North for the Starks.” For comparison, here’s a picture of Ned in flashback and one of Robb looking not-murdered. There are some obvious reasons that Jon would wear armor around Castle Black. First, he just finished being resurrected after his people stabbed him to death. Second, we mentioned he was stabbed to death, right? But the Stark armor, which he hasn’t worn before, could mean that he’s more on board with Sansa’s plan than he lets on. After receiving that letter from Ramsay, we would be too. The redditor's theory jibes with leaked on-set photos from November, which seem to indicate that Jon is involved in a battle at Winterfell. So while the Stark armor isn't necessarily a shock, it's incredible to see the subtle ways in which showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have foreshadowed future plot developments.

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