Game of Thrones Spoilers: Jon Snow, King Of The North?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
More spoilers are leaking from the Game of Thrones set, and the latest theory being put forward by super-fans is an exciting one. GoT news site Watchers on the Wall reports from the Northern Ireland set of the HBO epic, describing a possibly pivotal season 6 scene currently being filmed at Winterfell castle. The characters spotted include Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Ramsay Bolton, and Littlefinger. "The characters are interacting in Winterfell’s courtyard, and there’s a great deal of tension," according to the Watchers source. "And then a giant turns up at the gates! The giant tries to force its way in, and the people inside have to fight it off." This development comes a couple of weeks after on-set reports of an additional epic battle scene at Saintfield involving Sansa, Jon, Ramsay, and a giant. So it would seem that these scenes are connected — though it's impossible to know which occurs when, as the show often films out of order. Either way, it sounds like Jon and/or Sansa could be reclaiming the throne at Winterfell for the fallen Stark family. We're dying to see a Stark back in power; how cool would it be if one of them them took the crown in season 6? Kit Harington was even sighted recently wearing a kingly costume. (That drab black Watchman look is so last season — literally.) We were happy just to see that Jon Snow is almost definitely alive. But King Jon Snow? Hell yes. As for a plausible potential explanation for this particular scene, you can thank the imaginative Game of Thrones fans on Reddit. ShireenSeaworth theorizes, "[I]s it possible that Jon Snow and/or Sansa could've voluntarily entered Bolton-occupied Winterfell as a ruse? Make it appear as though they wanted to negotiate terms, only to have the giant (aligned with Jon Snow) take the Boltons by surprise[?]" Nice work, Shireen. We'll take it. (Huffington Post)

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