A Game Of Thrones Script Has Been Leaked Online

Game of Thrones fans are enjoying some very unintentional spoilers today. Elie Haddad, an actor and apparent cast member of GoT (in an upcoming season), must have thought he was just sending out a very chill Instagram photo of his coffee and iPad reading material. But Haddad wasn't just flipping through his Twitter feed on his tablet; he was reading an upcoming Game of Thrones script. And so the dedicated Westeros fans with excellent eyesight descended, snapping a screenshot so when Haddad took down the Instagram pic the page could still be dissected for important clues. The script wasn't too illuminating (how amazing would it have been if it contained some kind of stage note like, "And then Jon Snow, totally not dead, gave Sam a high five"?). Some Dothrakis talk. Some Dothrakis are vaguely misogynistic. No deaths (a rarity, it would seem), no parentage reveals, no graphic sex scenes. Now the question remains: If your character can get killed off even if you're a well-behaved actor and a fan favorite, what will happen if you're an accidental script leaker?
Opener Photo: Rob Latour/REX Shutterstock.

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