Game Of Thrones Spoilers: Will Sansa Get Justice?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Watching last season's Game of Thrones scenes featuring Sansa Stark, a prisoner at the mercy of the sadistic Boltons, I thought to myself time and time again: Someone get that girl a weapon! The show is full of rape, torture, and psychological abuse, but nobody had it worse than Sansa — nor was anyone so completely helpless and hopeless. The girl didn't have a fighting chance. [Okay, now, this is your one and only SPOILER ALERT!] So I'm thrilled to say that after a season largely spent stripping the eldest Stark daughter of her dignity — culminating in that horrific rape scene — it looks as if she is back on the front lines, literally. Watchers on the Wall, the ultimate news site for fans of the HBO show, reported new spoilers from the Northern Ireland set today, where an epic battle scene between House Bolton (Sansa's captors) and the hodgepodge Army of the North is being filmed.

says, "We can confirm that Sansa Stark will be there, and that Sophie Turner was seen filming alongside the battlefield." The epic battle at Saintfield has been the focus of the show's tireless fan speculation lately. It's the same place where Kit Harington was spotted filming, prompting sighs of relief everywhere with the conclusion that Jon Snow is indeed still alive. "The battlefield has a few Starks, actually, if you count Jon," writes Watcher. Woo-hoo, yeah, Starks! Go, Sansa, go! Okay, now for the sad news: "The battle will have real casualties and we’ll be saying goodbye to some characters," according to Watcher. And there's some really, really bad news. (Come on, what kind of show did you think this was?) That bastard Ramsay Bolton will be there, as he was spotted "displaying at least two bodies upside down on X-crosses, burning during battle. They are known characters." Sounds like our boy Ramsay. Let's just hope Sansa gets the opportunity to be her badass self again — and gets to stick it to those P.O.S. in House Bolton.

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