These Hilarious Poems Capture What Your Quarter-Life Crisis REALLY Feels Like

Growing up, I knew about the midlife crisis — or, as I thought about it, the reason why our neighbor grew a beard and got a much-younger girlfriend. But no one prepared me for the quarter-life crisis, also known as the years when you're not a college student, but not yet a woman.
Or, as Samantha Jayne, author of Quarter Life Poetry puts it: It's a time in your life when you're "young, broke, and hangry." In her collection of hilarious poems on being a twentysomething, she touches on on everything from romance (a.k.a Tinder) to new jobs to drinking (and that new phenomenon, the hangover). Her simple, bright illustrations and short, witty poems perfectly sum up the struggles — and joys — of the third decade of life. You'll laugh, you'll cry. You'll laugh to keep from crying.
Click through to see some of our favorite poems from the book. Oh, and consider picking up a copy for the recent grad in your life, so she'll be more prepared than I was.

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