This Sloth Helped A Man Stage The Perfect Marriage Proposal

The internet loves sloths. The internet also loves gimmicky wedding proposals. So, Walter McCann’s recent proposal to his girlfriend, Carly Corvin, seems destined for internet fame.

We might feel a little cynical about the whole thing if it wasn’t so obvious that the happy couple really adores sloths (and, based on their faces, getting engaged, as well). The video, taken at Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL, begins with Corvin already near tears when the animal handler asks if she’d like to feed Harry, “Busch Gardens' famous Hoffman’s two-toed sloth.” She does! But what she doesn't know is that her day is about to get even better.

The Busch Gardens employee presents her with a covered plate. She removes the top to reveal an arrangement of veggies spelling out the words “Will You Marry Me?” On cue, McCann gets down on one knee and proposes — much to Corvin’s surprise. Harry, for his part, remained unmoved. Because, again, he is a sloth.

The whole idea was apparently inspired by something Corvin had once told McCann. As she explained to Fox 13, "I told him before that if he proposed with a sloth, there was no way I could say no."

She was true to her word. (NY Mag)


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