A Hero Officer Rescued A Sloth — & The Adorable Photos Are Going Viral

Talk about a slow day on the job. A sloth rescue might not have been this officer's most important task, but it's certainly the cutest. Photos of a lost sloth in Ecuador are going viral, and it's not hard to see why. The sloth's picture-perfect smile has warmed the hearts of thousands of Facebook users. Ecuador's transit commission shared the images of the remarkably cute sloth over the weekend. The commission's photos have gained thousands of likes and shares across the globe.
The sloth was discovered clinging to a crash barrier in Quevedo, Ecuador, according to the posts. The creature stayed remarkably calm during the rescue, showing off a nonchalant grin that seems to be quite the subdued reaction for an animal so far from its natural habitat (and extremely chill lifestyle).
The transit commission took the sloth to a vet for a check-up, which it passed with flying colors, and then returned it to the wild, according to the organization's Facebook post. Hopefully, the sloth is still flashing its winning smile as it returns to its home in the trees.

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