"The Great News Is I'm Sterile!" Says Post-Vasectomy Dax Shepard

Dax Shepard seems to be living his best life these days — following his wife around the globe while she films House of Lies and chilling. (He does other things, too. Like, for example, Samsung commercials. But mostly it sounds like he's just spending time with his family and doing culinary tours of Cuba. Not bad, Dax.)

Anyway, Mr. Kristen Bell showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and got super candid about how he doesn't have anything to promote these days. He did talk about another kind of personal project, though: his recent vasectomy. Which, apparently, K-Bells didn't know happened and wasn't too pleased about. So why did Shepard rush the procedure without telling his wife? The story is best enjoyed by listening to Shepard himself.

But, let's just say it ends in masturbating into a mason jar while sitting in Los Angeles traffic.

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