Fans Defend Louis Tomlinson After Scary Anonymous Threat To Kill His Baby

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The One Direction fan community is officially out of control.

At this point, you've probably read about the completely mind-blowing theory that Freddie Tomlinson, Louis' child with Briana Jungwirth born in January 2016, is fake. Fans, mostly on Tumblr, have tallied a list of reasons, photographs, and even used a bit of pseudo-science to try to prove that baby Freddie is either a doll or someone else's child.

It's all really, really ridiculous and has taken a toll on both Louis and Briana, who are no longer together.

But this bizarre threat is much worse, if it's real.

In an unconfirmed clip posted on a One Direction fan Twitter account, you can hear a girl, supposedly a fan who obtained Louis' number, and Louis himself. It's scary.

Here is how the conversation goes:

Girl: You fucking bitch. I hope your baby dies.

[Long pause]

Guy: Hello?

Girl: Hello.

Guy: Did you really just say that?

Girl: Yeah.

Guy: Cause luckily for you, I've got you on recorder. And I've got you on a recording so that's gonna go straight to my lawyer, and he'll find out exactly who this is —

Girl: Oh my god. Oh my god. No...

Guy: So well done! No, no. Believe me, you've made a ...

[Line cuts out]

The suspicious recording is not the only one to surface today. CapitalFM wrote about another fan's recording of a phone call she claims is also with Louis. Regardless of the validity of the call, fans are still standing by the pop star, saying that threats like this are unacceptable and that he needs to be respected.

After the video appeared on Twitter, fans starting tweeting out #RespectLouis and #RespectLouisAndFreddie to show their disapproval of the threatening fan's behavior. The hashtags were trending in the U.K. earlier today.

Jungwirth shared her personal struggles with the rumors in a heartbreaking post on Mother's Day in the U.K., which is a few weeks before the U.S. holiday. She wrote, "This past year has been the best and worst of my life. I was blessed with the most amazing gift — A beautiful baby boy that I grew inside of me for 9 months. On the other hand, I was scrutinized and harassed by thousands — which even included major media outlets whom all seemed to believe he wasn't real. I am beyond disgusted by it all."

She also shared a video of Freddie talking on her Snapchat story.
Will everyone leave them alone now?

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