People Are Reacting Very Strongly To #MakeASongWhiter

Depending on whom you ask, the trending topic #MakeASongWhiter is either the most hilarious thing ever or the most racist.

The hashtag comes courtesy of the Chris Hardwick-hosted Comedy Central talk show, Midnight. Last night, the show invited fans to share their own variations of popular songs made more "white." Sinbad, for instance, offered this suggestion: "Play That Funky Music Brad."
People have wasted no time jumping in.

Not everyone's down with the "Frappe Queen," "Jennifer From the Gated Community," and "What Did the Fox News Say?" gags. The hashtag is getting backlash for being "racist," with some critics arguing that a Black equivalent would be deemed offensive.


Incidentally, a similar hashtag surfaced in 2015 in response to Rachel Dolezal, the NAACP chapter president who passed herself off as a Black woman.


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