Science Finds That Netflix Is Literally Our Bae

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
A new study proves what all devoted binge-watchers know: It is easy to get reeled into a show on Netflix and, in the process, neglect everything in your life. Cord Cutting, a website about all things technology, quantified how much time Americans really spend with Netflix.

The results are stunning. Reed Hastings, Netflix's CEO, found that the average Netflix subscriber watches the popular streaming service for one hour and 40 minutes every day. So, what does this actually mean? People are spending more time watching Netflix than reading, socializing with friends, and exercising — combined. Cord Cutting is basing this finding on the Bureau of Labor Statistics' American Time Use survey, though Netflix's number is based on global subscribers. The survey found that most Americans spend 38 minutes a day "socializing and communicating," 19 minutes "reading," and 17 minutes "participating in sports and exercising." That doesn't come close to the hour and 40 minutes users spend on Netflix. I guess it's time to stop binging and start going outside. Or maybe not.

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