This Nihilist Lisa Frank Tumblr Perfectly Captures The Darkness Behind The Sparkles

Lisa Frank is as much a staple of American girlhood as braces, detention, and being crushed by the insane cruelty of middle school. The brand’s sparkly optimism is a guiding light through some of the toughest years of many people’s lives.

That said, it can also feel out of step with the emotions typically experienced by people as they’re growing up. Sure, one moment you can feel like a sparkling dolphin leaping through perfect waves. But the next you’re reading Notes from Underground and thinking that Raskolnikov had some pretty good ideas.

Nihilisa Frank is a Tumblr that perfectly captures the duality of that magic moment where you want to die but also have sparkles on your coffin. The Tumblr overlays classic Lisa Frank images with quotations from noted philosophers and authors like Slavoj Žižek, William Faulkner, and John Gardner. And the results are quite something.


It’s adorable how the cute animals are teetering on the brink of total psychic collapse. Honestly, we would so buy these lunchboxes.


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