Drake Fans Are Not Happy With His New Look

Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images.
Serious question: Is Drake really Drake without his signature beard? The "Too Good" singer and knitwear enthusiast just took to Instagram to show what he looks like without facial hair. And guess what? Even though he has been beardless in the past (see the pic to the left from 2010), his fans seem to think he looks nothing like the Drake they’ve come to know without facial hair. It turns out for Drake, a freshly shaven face is the equivalent of a Mission Impossible–style disguise. Seriously, who is that dude?

Though the singer captioned the grainy post, “Beard making an epic come back in 2 weeks… only for you @nbcsnl,” fans are having a full-on freak-out over the state of Drake’s face, posting #DrakeBeard tweets:
And to add to #DrakeBeard hysteria, the star has quickly deleted the post (captured by Hollywood Life). It looks like we may just have to tune in to tomorrow’s SNL, for which he is both the host and the guest, to catch another glimpse of the fresh-faced singer formerly known as Drake—while it lasts.

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