Amy Schumer Denies Reports She's Scared To Film In Puerto Rico Because Of Zika

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
Amy Schumer is hitting back hard at reports that she refuses to film her new movie in Puerto Rico because of the Zika virus. The untitled mother-daughter vacation action-comedy co-starring Goldie Hawn was set to film on the island this year. On Thursday, Puerto Rican newspaper Primera Hora claimed that the actress backed out of shooting the movie there because she is afraid of contracting the virus.
After receiving critical tweets about the rumor, Schumer replied with adamant denials. "This story is not true. I would [have] been happy to shoot there. It's a false story. I will make sure it's fixed manana," she wrote in one response. Then the comedian went straight to the source of the chatter: Primera Hora. "Who is your source?" she demanded of the local paper via Twitter. "That is completely untrue. I would have been glad to film there and I planned on it." But the paper's editor is staunchly defending the story, insisting that its "reporter has various official sources on this story." Sounds like a PR trainwreck — for one side, anyway.

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