Amy Schumer Gets Really (Really) Close To Her Guy

You know that old trope of a sexy lady clad in a man's shirt and nothing else? (See: Natalie Portman on the No Strings Attached poster.) Well, Amy Schumer is here to lampoon that for you.

In a new music-video sketch from Inside Amy Schumer, the comedian takes things a little further. Sure, Schumer starts out with the old "wearing your button-down" bit. Then she uses her boyfriend's toothbrush, glues his hair onto her face, and puts a pickle in her pants. She even eats his food out of the garbage to poop what he poops, and lights her farts on fire. (Apparently, that's a thing people do. Don't worry. I YouTubed it.)

It's all in an effort to be "closer to" her man, as she sings. And good news! When he comes home he's not totally unnerved by the Single White Female of it all. They start hooking up. Good for them.

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